Applicant Information

Applications to Mortgage Lenders can be a stressful task, so we aim to help reduce this stress by taking you through a simple tested process.

As independent Brokers , here at Private Wealth Mortgages, we have the experience and knowledge of how individual lenders operate, enabling us to help steer you through the minefield of what is on offer.

To avoid wasting huge amounts of time, by sitting through hours of interviews with potential lenders, possibly to be told that they cannot help you, as you do not fit their "criteria" by having an initial conversation with us, and completing our enquiry form can eliminate this pain.

If you already have an existing mortgage in place, we may require you to complete a Letter of Authority (LOA), engaging us to act on your behalf.

Following this we will need to collate a certain amount of information to be best positioned to apply for the correct mortgage product for your requirements.

To assist us with this and make the process as low maintenance as possible, please click on the link provided and complete the client application form [link] as comprehensively as possible. Completing this collation of data will reduce the amount of time we need to spend with you initially on the phone.  

Once this has been returned to us we can arrange for one of our advisers to give you a call and discuss confidentially your specific requirements.

The benefits of dealing with Private Wealth Mortgages compared to individual lenders has been explained in a recent blog article on our site titled why should I use a mortgage broker?