Bridging the gap in your property investment

Investing in property can be unpredictable. If you are between sales, then we can help you bridge the gap with an interim loan.

Bridging loans, which are also referred to as short term financing or swing loans, provide a short-term solution to ‘bridge’ any shortfall in your funds. They are mostly used at a time when a debt is due to be paid, such as repaying a mortgage, but the money is not available immediately. For example, if you are waiting for a sale to complete.


These loans are mostly used for property purchases or large transactions. They can also be used in emergency situations when a significant amount of cash is required for a particular reason, usually if the loan can be guaranteed against the equity in a property. As well as helping people who are moving, these loans also act as a helpful source of finance for someone who wants to move out quickly or if they are buying somewhere at an auction and have not yet received funds from a mortgage.

A bridging loan or any type of short term finance for purchasing a property usually means borrowing a large sum of money and the interest rate charges are higher than normal residential rates. Although PWM doesn’t directly arrange bridging finance loans, we can help you find a reputable broker or lender to guide you through the process. After assessing your plans and property values, they can look into the various routes you can take to get from one home to the next, while minimising the amount it costs you.

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