Protecting your assets from damage and devastation

Planning for the future is exciting but it can also be uncertain. Our advisers will help you to protect your investment from the unknown.

You can create the perfect home and take good care of it, but there may be a time when events out of your control cause damage and devastation.

Unlike buildings insurance, which is a requirement for securing a mortgage, home insurance that covers your contents is optional.

A home insurance policy will cover accidents like spillages, water damage from pipes, flooding and fire. Any payment from your home insurance will often repay the value of possessions that are damaged, lost or stolen. You can even specify cover of particular items such as beloved paintings, jewellery with sentimental value or expensive heirlooms.

Home insurance is essential if you want to protect yourself and your belongings. Losing items you love, whether it’s due to damage, fire or theft, can be distressing and extremely costly. A home insurance policy will ease the worry and pain that comes from dealing with such an experience, and help you rebuild your home or replace items without any of the associated financial worries.

At PWM our insurance experts who can help you choose the right home insurance for your own circumstances, property and belongings. To talk to one of our insurance brokers or advisers, please call 01403 270006.

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