Protecting your income if you can no longer work

Nobody knows what the future holds. If you can no longer work, income insurance will help ease the burden.

Do you know how long your savings would last if you received bad news about your health?

Although many people think critical illness cover is sufficient to protect them if they are diagnosed with cancer or unwell for a long period of time, in reality, this is not always enough. While these insurance policies promise to pay a lump sum if you become critically ill with a specific illness, a regular income may be your preferred option to meet your monthly living costs.

Income protection insurance is flexible and varies depending on your individual circumstances. You can decide how much money you might need if you couldn’t work anymore and how long you would like the payments to last. These decisions determine what you pay for your premium or policy. There will be specific rules within the terms of your cover about what you can make a claim for. But if you are legitimately unable to work it will provide a lifeline that enables you to continue paying for day-to-day expenses like utilities, running a car or even buying food.

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