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If you rent out a property or a portfolio of properties to tenants, you must have a buy to let mortgage rather than a standard residential mortgage. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to buy to let, and the right one will depend on your personal circumstances.

Interest only, repayment, variable rate or fixed rate are mortgage terms you have probably heard about as a property owner. But there can be other factors to consider when you’re choosing a buy to let mortgage, which will help you protect your investment. At Private Wealth Mortgages, our experienced advisers keep up to date with the many mortgage options, lenders and rates available for buy to let property owners. That means we can help you take out the most appropriate and cost-effective home loan.

It’s crucial that you make well-informed decisions about the deposit you contribute and the amount you can afford to repay on your investment property, especially if this is an additional home. For example, you need to ensure you have enough rental income to cover your mortgage, any fees associated with managing your property and possible maintenance costs.

Our mortgage advisers have the experience to guide you through the buy to let process, which can be complicated and time consuming. We’ll help you assess affordability and the risks you may face, such as difficulty covering your repayments if you can’t find a tenant. We’ll also handle as much of the paperwork as we can on your behalf and respond to any queries or questions raised by your mortgage provider.

There are additional services you might need to make the process of buying or running a buy to let property go as smoothly as possible. That’s why we work with trusted partners such as conveyancing specialists and accountants, who can help you manage your rental income and ensure your investment in property is more secure.

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The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of Buy to Let.

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Buy to let mortgages FAQs

If you’re considering a buy to let mortgage and have never been through the process before, there may be many answers you require in order to make the best choice. Below you’ll find a selection of helpful questions and answers to guide you. And if Private Wealth Mortgages can help by presenting you with suitable mortgage products, we’d be happy to help.

Can I get a buy to let mortgage if I’m a first time buyer?

There is no reason why you can’t consider a buy to let mortgage as a first time buyer. However, it can be more difficult to obtain a mortgage if you have not owned a property previously and would like to start with a rental property. In most cases, a lender or bank will assess your suitability for a mortgage using a number of different criteria, including your income, monthly expenditure and the rental yield you can expect.

Is it essential that I take out a buy to let mortgage?

Yes. If you are planning to rent out your property to tenants, you must apply for a buy to let mortgage. If you already have a mortgage and are planning to move out to rent the home to tenants, we recommend calling a qualified mortgage broker to discuss the options available to you. This will involve either seeking permission to let, or looking at a ‘let to buy’ mortgage.

Does this mean I will pay a higher interest rate?

Not necessarily. Terms and interest rates for any mortgage are calculated based on a number of different factors. These are often influenced by the current economic situation, your own personal finances such as the amount of deposit you have, your credit history, and the area in which you would like to buy a rental property. The rate you pay can also be determined by the length of your mortgage term.

How much will I be able to borrow?

The amount you can borrow on a buy to let mortgage will depend on a number of different factors. When it comes to a typical residential mortgage, for a property you are planning to live in, most mortgage lenders or banks will assess whether the property loan is affordable by looking at your income and outgoings. However, when it comes to a buy to let mortgage, a bank is most likely to review the income you can expect to receive from rent, first. They will also require information on your own personal finances. This includes bank statements and proof of income, as well as regular financial commitments and any debt you may have.

The amount you can borrow will not only depend on your rental income and financial circumstances but the amount of deposit you can offer. This and other factors can contribute to a successful application for a buy to let mortgage. We recommend discussing your own individual circumstances and goals when it comes to buying a rental property with a professional, qualified mortgage broker.

How much deposit do I need?

With any mortgage, the amount of deposit you can put down on the property you want to buy will have an impact on the interest rate and terms you can secure. Although it’s not always the case, typically the more deposit you can contribute, the lower your mortgage rate and monthly payments will be. For buy to let investors, this means a greater margin between your mortgage payments and the amount of money you earn from rental income.

It is impossible to say precisely how much deposit you will need to purchase a buy to let. Your acceptance for a mortgage and the amount of deposit required will vary from lender to lender. However, as a general rule, a minimum deposit of around 25% is common.

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