Financing retirement responsibly

It’s very common for people to require a different kind of advice when planning their overall financial affairs once retired. Things change at this time of life and new priorities may include estate planning or perhaps the need to release money from assets such as property so you can enjoy retirement to the full.

If this is something you are considering, make sure you take advice from a professional organisation or financial adviser before making any big decisions about your life savings, pension and investments.

At Private Wealth Mortgages we offer a free no-obligation review of your current circumstances and we’ll even visit you in person at your home if you prefer. We’ve been helping people prepare for retirement and providing impartial, expert guidance for over 20 years. So you can trust our team to assess your own personal situation, give you an honest appraisal and provide advice that allows you to maximise your income at any age.


Maybe you have built up a significant amount of wealth and want to know where you should invest it. Or perhaps most of your money is tied up in a property and you are considering an equity release mortgage, also known as a ‘lifetime mortgage’. However you are planning to finance your retirement, our experts explain all the options available to you in a way that is unbiased and easy to understand.

Call us on 01483931403 to discuss your personal circumstances and the options available to you for raising finance in retirement.

Is equity release safe?

If you have any concerns about releasing equity from your home or you have been approached by an organisation or lender you are unsure of, call us today on 01483931403. We only work with reputable, trusted banks and mortgage lenders and we will carry out a thorough assessment of your assets, income and future plans to determine if equity release is right for you.

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Use our online Mortgage Calculator as a guide to find out how much you could release from your current home loan.

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